Who conquered Moscow…

Who conquered Moscow…


Who conquered Moscow
Russia is a surprising and exciting country at the same time. It covers 11% of the world area. There are eleven time zones. Within the country, 9-hour flights operate. The border is met by eleven countries. North Korea and Mongolia meet ‘Central Asian countries Kazakhstan’, Tajikistan ‘Uzbekistan’ Turkmenistan ‘Azerbaijan’ Georgia and Armenia ‘Europe side Ukraine’ Romania ‘Bulgaria’ Belarus’ Lithuania ‘Latvia’ and ‘Latvia’ By Finland and Norway and it is also connected to the end of the world through the USA through Alaska.

Russia’s three borders are very interesting ‘it meets Finland from St. Petersburg’ by train or ferry from Petersburg.

Going to Finland is a romantic experience ‘ten minutes drive between the S علاقےrvینnjراr and the Russian city of Piching Ski in the Norwegian area’ People can not cross this distance as they take bicycles from Russian territory ‘enter Norway on a bicycle And then the bicycles are thrown at the border and go ‘Survivor city has become a graveyard of unemployed bicycles in the world’ The pile of bicycles in the city is the standard ‘Russian bicycles are not in line with European standards. Don’t allow them to carry it, so they throw them across the border ‘US state There is also a small water channel between Alaska and Russia. The ferry operates from both sides of the channel, and the small ship is also “twenty minutes away, but there is a 24 hour difference between the two of you.” You go 24 hours ahead ‘All three borders of Russia are on my list’ If Almighty gave me the chance I would also go from St Petersburg to Finland, to Peking Ski to Norway and the Big Diamond to Alaska. Russia has the largest reserve of forests in the world: 25% of the world’s trees are in Russia, so it provides oxygen to the whole world. The rta.
Russia accounts for 34% of the world’s salt water, ‘Lake Bekal is the largest freshwater reservoir in the world’, the world’s largest river flows into Russia ‘The largest river in the world is in Russia’ Of the 36 rivers, the world’s worst place is Omyakan in Russia. The temperature of the Umeیاa mine falls to minus 55 degrees Celsius. In 1983, it recorded a negative 89.2 degrees Celsius. The second coldest place is Vyrekhovinsk.

Verkhovinsk’s temperature drops to minus 45 degrees, but still life goes on in both towns ‘Why these villages can only be reached in winter’? Because the rivers freeze in the cold and trucks’ buses and cars start running on these frozen rivers. The world’s deepest metro station is also in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. It has a depth of 86 meters. The train also goes 82 meters deep from the ground – it is 40 meters on average and is able to see its stations.

These royal palaces and art exhibits ‘Our group also visited the metro and we were amazed at its floors’ walls and ceilings ’60 million people travel daily by Moscow Underground Railway’ Very tall and smart ‘tall and body seventh’ unlike obesity ‘these people do not smile’ you will probably be surprised to know that in Russia the children are trained not to smile in school so you If someone in Russia appears to be shouting, then you know this is not Russian, it is foreign.

These people do not know English and do not speak ‘Moscow city has the world’s billionaire population per capita but you still do not see the barbaric dance of wealth in any part of the country’ There are also fanatics, ‘They send the cat to the new house first and then they enter themselves’. If the cat does not enter the house, they either drop it or sell it. The dog’s feet rub and throw coins under the statue of Peter the Great.

In Russia, the bride and groom visit the city after the wedding at the church ‘We see dozens of new couples in both Moscow and St. Petersburg and our group of people make pictures with them.’ Speakers are ‘guests are supporters of table-men’, ‘Vodka drinks alcohol and string coffee. You get coffee shop and Starbucks coffee every ten to fifteen steps; however, they do not drink in public places. Ghal Gupra ‘We did not see any person picking up a bottle of wine in the street for seven days.

Russian drinking habits are limited to only liquor stores and houses ‘do not carry these bottles on the streets’ are family and gentlemen, so you do not get to see men and women swinging and kissing. So slim and smart that half a city comes back wearing this six-inch heel, ‘Women are more and men are less, so you see women on all sides’ only 80 days in Moscow city while in St. Petersburg. 56 days the sun comes out

The rest of the year the fog ‘rains and rains’ across the country. These people are desperate for children ‘. The government rewards ten thousand dollars for a family of two children’ to a family of three. Considered and the government decides the VIP family for the Big Family – free service for the Big Family transport ‘parking fee waiver’ theater free passes and fifteen a year