We are a few ‘people we care about…

We are a few ‘people we care about…


We are a few ‘people we care about
Everybody else stops by and asks me about the idea group ‘Ibex and Javed Chaudhry Foundation’ It is natural to ask ‘we are going to different countries every two to three months with a group of fifty and hundred people’. This concept is new in Pakistan, so people’s curiosity has been raised. How did this Foundation become ‘How did we create the IBX company and how do we think people come together? This story is no different from Amir Hamza ‘I was the first member of this club.

Why did I create this club? There were so many drawbacks to me and my life, ‘There were hundreds of lapses in my life’ I went to school in my family’s five thousand year history.

The first child was ‘My late father was a unique transformer of his kind’. He changed himself throughout the ages and I kept on walking with him. I saw numerous shifts in my early ten years. We came to town from the village. Got to become a shopkeeper from a farmer ‘town shifted to a businessman and a businessman to a shopkeeper’ This development was seemingly good but it had a negative effect on me ‘. And the fact is that the victim of the “cultural division” loses confidence first. The human child needs social stability for 14 years to build his personality. This is what ‘parents who are relocating to their children during their childhood have to do with their children’s confusion and also feel vulnerable. For the best training of the children, it is important that you keep them in one place for 14 years. Keep it in the environment ‘When it gets cooked or their personality is complete then you can shift them anywhere’ It will also adjust and they will also charge the situation ‘My parents in my childhood’ “All I kept doing was confuse myself and also suffer from a lack of confidence.
However, I grew up with both of these diseases: I got into professional life but I didn’t know how to live. I didn’t even have self-control on my own. I used to hear jokes during my condolences and when people were joking. When I was laughing and listening, I used to sit face to face, talk to me, eat dinner menswear and talk etiquette at concerts’ I didn’t speak English to my people even today. But I do give a whole lot of presentations to strangers and foreign countries.

I did not shave for three or three days a week, trying to ‘give a damn luck’ to the whole world. ‘I was also a little ignorant about religion and a whole forest of prejudices was growing in me. I became almost crashed, but then Almighty Allah said, ‘He made a fog for me’ and made way for confusion. The passage begins with a small “quotation” of a small book.

In 1998 I bought a book from Chinese footwear from the footpath bookstore ‘I started spinning it in the evening’, my eyes suddenly froze on a quote and this quote changed my whole life. “Travel by Best University of the World” (Travel is the best university in the world) Just after reading this phrase, I saw a ray of light in the dark and decided to enroll in Travel University.

Obviously resources are needed for travel, and I didn’t have that, I decided to do business with resources for journalism. I started small jobs. God took my hand. Went and I started traveling ‘I went to 82 countries in the world one by one’ from where you put your finger to the pole north to the south pole I would have gone there ‘ Will be on my list.

I did extraordinary work in my life, ‘I still work seven days’. God provided me with more than I need and ability and I spent all my money on travel, learning, life style and family. There is no money next month ‘At the end of every month, I shake my hand and look at Almighty Allah and do more grace than last month. What did I learn during tourism? It is also a shocking story ‘The world I knew during tourism is not within our borders but outside our borders.

We are the blind frog of our wells ‘Travel has also connected me to history’ from geography, from culture, from lifestyle, from books, music and movies and from religion as well. In the past I believed in Allah only. ‘Travel also gave me the blessing of believing in God’ I was suffering from a lack of time, but I learned from travel that if a person wants to do something, he can make 1093 inventions to the world in the life of 84 years like Edwin. And inventions that changed the culture of the whole world.

If a man wants to do it, like Bill Gates, he can make $ 130 a second at the age of 45, and he can make such a big chain of malls like Sam Walton that if he gives every one of his stores a day, he’ll be 35 years later. Will come back to my first store ‘I found out this is not the time to use this time’. If we do not want to do anything then seven lives are inadequate and if we want to do something then one life is extra. He also learned how to communicate, talk, understand people, eat and drink and explain life goals.

My memory is even faster