This way it gives no cycle…

This way it gives no cycle…


September 2, 2019 at Manchester Airport a fascinating event: EasyJet’s flight from Manchester to the Spanish city of El Canto is El Spain, a tourist destination in Spain. People come here to celebrate the summer holidays. ‘The heat and the sea enjoy the trio’ All the passengers on the flight were also going to El Canton for ‘flight time but no flight’ passengers started chatting in the beginning. They again asked the staff for delay. They finally started protesting.

Staff told passengers “Our pilot is missing ‘this airport could not be reached’ Airport security and aircraft staff are constantly searching but unable to contact”

It was an interesting situation: ‘The ship was ready but the pilot was missing’. There was a sense of calm at the airport. One of the passengers suddenly got up and contacted an unknown person from his mobile. Passenger delivered ‘passenger boarded’ speed increased and aircraft was in flight for a few moments. The passenger was Michael Bradley ‘he was a commercial pilot’ working in EasyJet and going on vacation to El Canton with his wife and son, ‘he was on the plane and suddenly Crisis was born’ Bradley’s wife had his shoulder “You are like a pilot,” whispered “Look how many people are upset by a pilot” Bradley was embarrassed, he contacted EasyJet’s management, revealed his identity and secret number and flew the ship. Offered ‘The administration detested the system and allowed it to fly 38 seconds later’ Bradley told the administration ‘I am in jeans shirt’ I do not have a uniform ‘Administration replied’ Curse on the uniforms you just fly ‘he got up and went into the cockpit without the uniforms’ he flew and took passengers safely to El Kanta. “This is a seemingly trivial event, but this event proves there is no point in changing a pilot in crisis”. Because pilots are not as important as the main ship and its passengers.
We are also facing a situation like this: ‘The whole nation has been on a change ship for over a year’. The pilot is also in his seat and the staff is also superfluous but the aircraft is not flying even though we have Now, there are two options: “Let us sit inside the ship and spend the rest of our lives on the ship’s staff and pilots until they open the ship’s door and we begin to find new pilots and new staff. Or we can find new pilots and new staff from now on so that at least the plane can fly and we can reach the destination.

We have two options, either ‘wait or quick decision’. Both of these options are difficult. If we wait, then four years later even the world’s most skilled pilot will not be able to fly this ship. We will be bankrupt and Even if we change the pilot right now, the crisis will escalate. We will face terrible political and psychological problems, but it is also true that we may come out of the pilot change crisis but if we are comfortable. Staying and trusting the staff, we will not be able to fly.

What is the status of the ship at this time? You see, ‘Federal Bureau of Statistics released September 5 inflation data during one year of government’ According to the government’s own data, inflation increased by 11 percent in one year ‘There is no such thing in the country The price did not go up, but the treatment cost 12%. Imran Khan Rose says former rulers of the country have reduced the national debt to Rs 30,000 to Rs 30,000 in ten years, but you see the achievements of this holy government.

In New Pakistan, the debt of Rs 30,000 billion has been increased to Rs 40,000 billion in a year. ”As Asif Ali Zardari and Mian Nawaz Sharif increased their debt in five years, Imran Khan increased it in the same year. If you are a shopkeeper, ‘a spider, even you are stuck on a hollow’ you ask an artisan ‘an exporter’ you will find every person in Pakistan crying ‘Sialkot’ Faisalabad and Karachi. And are the capital of industrialists.

The government will be surprised to find out that ‘industrialists have gone out of the country by shutting down factories’, they are selling up to their properties ‘business fall is such that people do not even go to doctors’ clinics anymore. Call a Specialist Doctor ‘You will get time from this when it was booked for a few months ago till a year. People do not even have money to pay doctors and in the country one million a year. People have become unemployed, but all three types of business are constantly growing.