Seven days in Russia…

Seven days in Russia…


Seven days in Russia
We moved out of St. Petersburg ‘to our right were jungles and small forests in these forests, and the water was flowing through these lakes’. Petrhoff was our destination. In Russia’s ancient Pozawa class lived two houses. Winter house and summer house ‘These people lived in flats inside the cities in the winter’ The cold is scary all over the world but you cannot even imagine the cold of Russia ‘The cold winds begin in the month of October. And while watching it again, it covers the whole of Russia.

Maintaining life in the cold is the most difficult step and cannot be crossed without fuel ‘flats

I have this facility available, ‘walls are connected to each other’ pipes of hot air are scattered throughout the building ‘fire is lit in Angati’, this fire becomes smoke and circulates in pipes for a few hours. I heat up the whole building so that the Russians became refugees in the cities in the winter until the middle of the nineteenth century, ‘the heat in the summer increased, as they shifted to the villages and their squares’. Summer houses were cool in the summer, they even raised animals, they also grew vegetables and ate fruits. They used to be called Dachas and they still call Dachas ‘happy people of Russia still build two houses’. They spend the winter in the city and the summer in the villages, they go on holiday in the Dachas too. The government is aware of the climatic imperatives of the government, whether it is democratic government or it is today’s democratic government, so it does not allow people to build houses in cities. If you go to Moscow, you will not see a house within a 22 km radius ‘The government has banned the construction of houses in the inner city.
There are only 22 square kilometers of flats in Moscow and people live in these flats. Is the second largest city in the world and is considered one of the few cities in the world that was first made in mind, then on paper and it was finally made on earth. But named it St. Peter’s.

It is located in the European part of Russia, ‘Finland is about an hour’s drive from it.’ There is also a small strip of sea between the two. ‘The city ships daily to Finland and Sweden’ and it returns in three days ‘people travel through it between Russia and Europe’ There are currently 245 small countries in the world but There are only four to five cities and St. Petersburg ranks first.