Luckily unfortunately…

Luckily unfortunately…


Luckily unfortunately
One day I asked the mentor, “Is the teacher fortunate and unfortunate?” He laughed “There is a difference between luck and bad luck, like wood and iron ‘The wood floats in the water while the iron sinks immediately’. Man-like suffering ‘floats in problems and worries’ like wood, problems and worries float around him’ to his right left ‘but he can not do anything to it’ It does not sink into his depths while the unlucky man Like iron nails, water sinks in a matter of seconds.

There is a great Arabic saying about an unfortunate person: ‘Arabs say that when the shadows of misfortune come upon a human being,

Even when sitting on a camel, it bites the dog. Likewise in Hindi, the unfortunate person is told that if he touches gold, he becomes dust. Both these idioms are correct because in the unfortunate period, every happiness ‘every success and every good is vomited out.’ People turn away ‘It leaves its own shadow with it and it stands alone like a dry twig in the desert of problems and problems’, both above and below it, burning fiery and Right now, from the top left to the bottom, ‘looking up and down’ does just one question of “what do I do with God?” This is the most valuable question in the world, Sometimes this question comes up at some point in life. This question comes and goes like the lightning flame in some people’s life, and in some lives this question extends like the nights of secundean countries and Humans’ breaths hang from the shackles of hope and despair. “I asked” What should a man do in this moment of misfortune? ”
He said, “Before answering this question, we have to understand the system of nature. Everything in the system of energy derives energy from other things. Oxygen and water are essential for the survival of the living beings. Water and oxygen for the sun.” Light is essential ‘To produce sunlight, burning gases are required and chemical reactions of an unseen galaxy are necessary for the production of gases. Similarly, plants eat animals’ animals eat human beings’ human bodies Khaki insects are eaten and the remaining plants of insects are crushed so all the units of the universe are interconnected. Are poor.

Our destiny is also tied to someone else ‘Both our good fortune and our misfortune are associated with other people, so whenever a person gets caught up in misfortune, he must take another lucky person’s iron. Like the nail that gets stuck in a wooden plank to prevent drowning, ‘unlucky man can swim in a sea of ​​problems by becoming part of a wooden plank like nail’. We all have three facts in mind during the unfortunate period. Should be kept A ‘thing in the world’ is a situation and no situation is permanent.

Everything in the world changes’ no matter how long at night and no matter how shiny, both eventually disappear and no matter how unbearable, it dissolves in the air. Like luck, misfortune is temporary and it eventually lapses, but the question is how long can it last? – According to Hindu astrologers, the unfortunate period is usually two and a half years to seven and a half years. Ninety-seven percent of the cases change after seven and a half years, while European experts divide human life into three periods of twenty-eight, twenty-eight years.

According to him, in the life of every human being of the world (if Allah wills), after twenty-eight years there is a marked change. Sometimes this change is evident in the next generation. We often see that one generation lives under auspices and the next generation is happy and successful ‘the next generation considers it a success, while in fact it is a “reward” of the previous generation’s misfortune. Humans should consider this temporary misfortune as a temporary one.

Two ‘man should resort to a wood like iron nail’ This lucky people should find ‘spend most of their time in their company’ partner with them or get their job. And thinking of how frightening and terrifying the circumstances may be, I do not want to leave this person with ‘this person may push me out daily but I will reach him again the next day’. This is because during the unfortunate period of humiliation is normal, but if man is patient and accepts this behavior for a few years then there will be a moment of calm in his life. Puppy.

And three ‘both fortunate and unfortunate are the ones created by Allaah, so that man should approach Allah frequently. May Allaah ask forgiveness of his sins’ should ask for his mercy and partner with Allah. This is a decision of the ten thousand year history of human beings’ Charity plans also flourish and they also provide peace of mind, so if a person is getting hurt in business, he should join Allaah in business.

Start withdrawing money from your income to charity ‘Allah Almighty does. Similarly, destiny has a deep connection with women, ‘we have no sister in our homes’ or some daughter happy