Just good loses…

Just good loses…


I leave at eleven o’clock in the night and reach the gym at twelve o’clock, ‘Exercise till one o’clock at night’, sleep at three and a half, and start the next day between ten and eleven o’clock, and then three o’clock at night. From three o’clock I kept on running from one to the other and to the third, ‘I have been given a very good trainer by Allah Almighty. We call it a wrestler. This is Kashmiri. Educated, made a body and then suddenly left the UK and came to Pakistan.

It can only speak two languages, ‘Punjabi and English’. Urdu barely understands it.

I am a disciple of ‘He made me peel and bone structure’ People say to me you are a little stressed but Allah ‘I and the wrestler know how much we worked hard for this’ low strength’ waste fat. “Getting rid of cheap and bad habits is the hardest thing in the world”. When I start exercising under the supervision of a wrestler, Masha Allah my young and super-fit sons are not able to cope with me. They also lie down. Is. We do not know when we leave the world or when we are tempted, but at least we can stand on our feet ‘keeping ourselves fit for as long as we can breathe. Should we be healthy if we have everything, if we are sick or unconscious then there is nothing ‘The world will not think of you as a burden’ Keep up the size, ‘Almighty Allah is the one I’m trying this far.’ My last two conversations were ‘The first dialogue began with a question of the wrestler’. He said the name “He has left Jim, why do not you take it,” I answered, laughing, “They will surely come”.
The wrestler asked the reason for the belief ‘I submitted’ When my children were two or three years old, I went to one of my elders one day and said to them, ‘I want to see my children succeed’. “What do you want to see your children” I said “My children should be humble ‘decent’ servants’ diligent and disciplined and just” the elderly laughed “you want your children to look like you.” Children will be like that. ”

It was straight to my heart that I began to practice humility and civilization that day, practicing hard work and discipline. As my children grew older, I was proud and proud of my life. Civilization ‘learned manners and etiquette’ I also made hospitality and service a part of my personality. This habit became so time-consuming that we were able to place our own plates in front of every guest in our house. Have thorns and serve tea with our hands ‘Coffee and water’ We do not allow any of our assistants to have dishes in front of a guest.