I missed you after you left…

I missed you after you left…


He was sitting on the lawn, it was cold, the humidity in the air was dry. I asked, “What will happen to the head of the country?” He looked startled and looked at me. I felt deep shadows in his eyes at that moment. Show ‘They kept looking at me for a long time and then in sad tone they said “Altaf I will not be alive at this time but you will see the dogs who say dogs will crush their tongues under their teeth and they will greet my pictures.”

Yes, I shook my head, but the truth is I was not convinced of them, ‘I was feeling my president was suffering from a psychiatric illness in which the whole world

I don’t see anyone but myself. He seems to be remembered even after he died. I greeted him and got up but Javed you believe I have seen President Ayub Khan’s words come true in my life. Just five years after the passing away, posters of Ayub Khan were posted on buses, ‘trucks’, shops and walls and he wrote “After you missed you” and people greeted and kissed these posters. Altaf Gohar said: ‘Today’s generation may not know Altaf Gohar, but the bureaucracy and people of history can never forget the name of this person’. The senior bureaucrat and the brilliant intellectual were ‘Ayub Khan’s personal and information secretary, and he was also the governor’s generals’ president and the prime minister‘s personal secretary, so from Ghulam Mohammed to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, he had his own history. I went to Altaf Gohar’s house in 1994 and then had a close relationship with him till his death. His house was less than the library and the library was more ‘There were books with stairs and bedrooms.’ The lounge ‘kitchen, even in the bathroom, had books and books and every book I could see was open. Hy were also below the double lines are used, phrases and footnotes were written.
This meant that Altaf Gohar had not only read this book, but also had read his text, ‘Begum Sahib was a Nostalgic woman’, was wearing a saree and had served Gohar Sahib’s meetings. He used to listen to the incidents and go home and make notes. ‘One day Altaf Gohar told me about the incident of old age and illness of President Ayub Khan. Pakistan was broken’ Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s period had begun ‘Bhutto was sick and old. The accountability of Ayub Khan had also begun.

Someday no notice was issued and some government official came to Ayub Khan’s house for interrogation ‘Altaf Gohar went to Ayub Khan’s house to meet’ President Ayub Khan was sitting in the lawn at that time. He said to Gohar, “Those who call me dogs will crush their tongues under their teeth and salute my pictures.” After the incident, Gohar Sahib made a historic comment. He said that if construction was done in Pakistan at some time. So it was the era of Ayub Khan.

Pakistan had actually joined the race of developing countries at that time, the world’s largest dam, the largest canal system, the first train of electricity, Asia’s largest industrial state, the largest airline television. First Color Broadcast ‘World’s Strongest Army’ Asia’s Most Effective Education System ‘Largest National Savings Scheme and Family Planning Greatest Project Any Field You See Every section will appear on the pack but we are kind people, so we humiliated Ayub Khan and then started giving him notice of illness and old age. Have done.

He was not ready for this behavior, so he died. “In the days of Yahya Khan, the country was broken and in Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s economy the funeral took place and the donor country was forced to seek help.” 22 industrial families became beggars ‘Karachi was a city of lights’ It became a blind city in Asia so people realized their mistake before drying the soil of Ayub Khan’s tomb and started to lose his image. But by then it was too late for ‘history’ to be buried in history.

I still remember Altaf Gohar Sahib after saying, “The lesson of my whole life is that kindness does not forgive people,” we did not realize the kindness of Ayub Khan, so we are humiliated and humiliated. “He paused and then laughed” Why do I consider Bhutto to be Muayb Khan’s Mohsin? Because if they did not come and they would not fool the institutions to nationalize them, then the people would not have appreciated Ayub Khan. The nation would never have realized how great Ayub Khan was, so thank you to Bhutto.