Change Islamabad itself

Change Islamabad itself


If you come to Faizabad from Zero Point in Islamabad, you will have to travel on the expressway ‘This is the city’s first road’ was created by the Greek capital of the federal capital and is one of Islamabad‘s busiest roads. Why is it that if you drive it you are forced to increase the speed of the unmanned vehicle? Because the road is smooth and lively, it is a flowing and smooth road, but it takes pride of life with pride every month.

Every other third day we hear of an accident in Islamabad, and then we are sad for several days.

There were ‘horrific accidents on the expressway between 10am and 11pm on Saturday September 14’. Four young people arrived on the expressway in the car. The speed of the car was so high that it was out-of-control. Along with and divided into pieces ‘all four young men were broken into the car as well’ The condition of the car and the bodies was so bad that the audience was forced to vomit. Air student was’ a resident of Three Ghory Town and a young man belonging to Ji Tan and he was alive in all four or four seconds. Exceeded Y limit. This is not the first such incident in Islamabad. Last year two friends of my friend and interior ministry officer Shafqat Cheema were killed on the same road. It was also very high speed. The bus was parked. The son put the full brake on but the speed of the car was so high that he got off the bus and split it into three parts. Both of these brothers were killed. Another son of my acquaintance was on Margala Road at night. Was driving ‘he was showing his speed live to a friend via mobile
Vehicle reaches 200km / h, son breaks ‘vehicle’ off road ‘collided with tree’ and split into two parts ‘son’s body also crashed in between’ This was a horrific accident. It was ‘Even today those of us who imagine this accident stand up but I will say again’ This is normal in Islamabad ‘This city is the top of the whole of Pakistan in road casualties’ here. Six percent of deaths each year are caused by accidents

The rate is three-digit three in Punjab, two in the one in Sindh, four in the KP, four in the KP, three in the province of Balochistan and four in the independent Kashmir. Initial numbers come on ‘Take out your data and see’ your wings will stand ‘201 Road accidents were’ severe 107 ‘in 132-2012, 109 people were killed and 202 vehicles were completely destroyed’ 146 – 256 in 2013 Accidents happened.
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change, replacement, shift, conversion, variation, switch
change, turn, convert, vary
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the act or instance of making or becoming different.
Where there has been a change in fees that has not been negotiated, a process has been put in place to address that.
coins as opposed to paper currency.
I had more than enough loose change in my coin purse to pay for it so it’s not like I was spending real money.
coinsloose/small changesilvercashpetty cashformalspecie
make or become different.
There is no doubt things have changed dramatically over the past year.
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